Take a look at some of
projects we did.


Project description:
BalkanINFO is a local news website with a different view on our reality. They are independent media, broadcasting mainly on YouTube, with a thoroughly engaging audience. And our team has enabled this media to have their place on the web.

Fine Little Day

Project description:
Fine Little Day is an inspiring online shop that supports art, design, and environment-friendly products. This project helped us see how our planet can be beautiful and uplifting on everyday household items. We are privileged to be a small part of this charming story.

Nomad Store

Project description:
Nomad Store is a place where modern nomads can find everything they need. In other words, this is an online shop for an authentic clothing brand. And our team was the crew who build them their online store.

Poštanski Broj

Project description:
Poštanski broj, or Zip Code, is an online directory where users can find the zip code of any place in Serbia. It is a simple, informal, and fast way to discover desired information.


Project description:
SGOFab, or Stockholm glas och festighetservice, is Sweedish most prominent brand of windows and home glassware. And they have an excellent web-shop where you can get all their products.

Inner Connection Coach

Project description:
Inner Connection Coach is a personal-business website of Kan Yan, life coach. Kan is a very successful professional, and his online appearance reflects his offline expertise and results.

Woerwag Pharma

Project description:
Woerwag Pharma is an independent, family-owned pharmaceutical company. As an international company, they also have a branch in Serbia. And we have the honor of building their stock and sales admin pannel.

Polaris Admin

Project description:
Polaris is a local quad dealer. Being a big company, they wanted to digitalize its entire administration. And they have turned to us to help them do that.


Project description:
BellaKliniken is one of the best Scandinavian clinics for plastic surgery and beauty operations. And they turn to us to make the operation on their website to make it look beautiful and functional.


Project description:
Heelow is not an ordinary online shoe shop. Heelow is a shoe shop that sells only beautiful flat footwear. And Decem was the team who had the honor to build that online shoe shop.

Legal Vision

Project description:
Legal Vision is an online legal service from France. Such a superior legal team deserves to have a website that can keep up with their expertise and excellence. And we helped them with such a website.


Project description:
Srdanov is a local tire dealer who has been in this business since 1990. Highly professional, modernized continuously, and always up to date, this business needed an astonishing webpage. And this is how we meet.