Who are we?

Developers of your ideas

Our job is to make your ideas alive. We are doing it through software solutions, mobile apps, or websites. No matter how complex your concept may be, we will find a way to materialize it. Decem team is small but highly effective, professional, and dedicated to your projects. We are all part of an extraordinary puzzle where each piece is unique and has a particular super-powers set.

Meet our Team

Srđan Svirčević

Srđan is a jack of all trades. Besides being a CEO and taking care of everything and everyone, he is also an amateur chef, and a bike lover. Srđan has a Master's degree in Computer Science. He adores Novi Sad and swears that he will never move out of this city.

Nikola Knežević

Nikola is a workaholic. He loves to code, to create original apps, and explore different tools and technologies. Opposed to his analytical engineering mind, Nikola has an artistic heart. He adores music, and he is an outstanding percussionist. His only enemies are people who are not enjoying quality food and fabulous drinks.

Bojan Lukić

Bojan is an explorer. His main task is to discover a technology stack that will deliver the best possible software in all cases. He is crazy about the web and all things online. If he could, he would probably live entirely online. But, he likes good ribs and beer too much to be able to do that for real.

Branislav Totić

Branislav is an analyst. He is analyzing the most complex problems we are having and provides outstanding solutions. And after doing so, he turns these solutions into elegant code. Branislav loves playing football, enjoys squash, and dreams about kayaking into the sunset. But, to keep in touch with his internal geek, he also plays board games.

Milorad Jekić

Milorad is a team player. He is always willing to give a hand and to jump in when one of us is having a hard time. His expertise is a high-quality, HTML/CSS code and responsive design, and there is nothing he can't do with these technologies. Milorad is a fan of quality music and the Exit festival.

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