Who we are?

Developing your ideas

Decem is a reputable name when it comes to offering IT solutions to businesses. Whether you are looking for software solutions for commercial or personal needs, we have the right individuals to carry out the tasks of development professionally. Commitment and quality are where we excel.

Meet our Team

Srđan Svirčević

Srđan manages software development team and takes care of everything that concerns software – frontend to backend. He is managing software engineering division and oversees the team of developers. Srđan has a Master degree in Computer Sciences. He works and lives in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Nikola Knežević

Nikola is free-minded spirit on a never-ending journey for more work. He loves to explore history but contributes to the future. Besides coding, his biggest love is music, as he is percussionist himself. His only enemy are vegans. He is the guy that knows software inside out.

Bojan Lukić

Bojan is a full-stack web developer who is very enthusiastic about the new technologies that help web development, and he is constantly researching new ways to deliver better software products.

Branislav Totić

On his way to the final form, as a skilled programmer, Branislav decided not to fight his problems but to find the best solution and master them all. Still young in programmers world but definitely not the weakness you are searching for. Love playing football, he is a master in squash and everyday dream about kayaking into the sunlight. Occasionally enjoys playing board games with his friends but doesn’t wear glasses.

Gligorije Nikolić

Self-motivated professional Full Stack Web developer focused on modern cross-platform app development with strong work ethic. Participated in multiple projects and effectively co-working with other professionals. Took over leadership and managed team resources to achieve goals meeting deadlines.

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